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Technology is NOT Just a Tool

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Every learning environment must be technology-enabled. Technology in education should be ubiquitous–like paper and pen used to be. We need to know how to use the functionality of a technological tool, but there is so much more. The innovation and what can be done with these tools is the fun part and that is where the great learning comes from. What can teachers and students do with a tool for example, having students use a video creation software to create a video to show their learning. Using a tool to make the connection to a real situation is important. The world has great examples for us where innovation and even simple function could not occur were it not for technology. We would not have landed on the moon without technology.

We have looked at literature and had discussions about making thinking visible (Mclean, 2012) and (Ritchhart & Perkins, 2008). Technology allows this to happen.

It is necessary that learners be not only allowed to use technologies, but to provide them with opportunities to create and innovate. This will require much professional development and a change in teacher education programs. We need to work to make this happen because it is necessary. We must position ourselves in the gap employing learning sciences methodologies– regardless of the age of the learners, we need to work together to put into practice what we know where practitioners and researchers work together to create new practices NOT researching in labs but research in context to make the learning real and to make the thinking visible.


Mclean, A. (2012, 12). Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners – By Ron Ritchart, Mark Church and Karin Morrison. Support for Learning,27(2), 92-93. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9604.2012.01520.x

Ritchhart, R., & Perkins, D. (2008). Making Thinking Visible.Educational Leadership , 65 (5), 57-61.


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One thought on “Technology is NOT Just a Tool

  1. I like how you reiterate the importance of the collaboration and social aspect of technology. Papert was correct in identifying the importance of social aspect of technology–it can’t make learning happen: that’s what a good educator is for. This term you shared some great WBLT resources that I’ve added to my teaching tool belt. I’ll miss seeing you in class everyday, but I look forward to meeting with you in our virtual one…..whereever you are.

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