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Making Thinking Visible


Everybody thinks, or so we think. But not everyone makes their thinking visible. “When learners speak, write, or draw their ideas, they deepen their cognition. Project Zero’s Visible Thinking approach shows how.” (Ritchhart and Perkins, 2008) The authors outline in their article the six key principles that anchor Visible Thinking and characterize our approach in schools.

  1. Learning is a consequence of thinking.
  2. Good thinking is not only a matter of skills, but also a matter of dispositions.
  3. The development of thinking is a social endeavor.
  4. Fostering thinking requires making thinking visible.
  5. Classroom culture sets the tone for learning and shapes what is learned.
  6. Schools must be cultures of thinking for teachers.

Making thinking visible isn’t for students only–it is also for teachers! As teachers, we must model our learning for our students but do we make our thinking visible? Do we share our ideas in some way with our students? Recently, tweets have been abundant stating that we must ask our students to publish their work rather than handing it in. But do we publish our work? If we will make our thinking visible and give our students the opportunity to make their thinking visible, we will be practicing participatory pedagogy and knowledge building.



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Ritchhart, R., & Perkins, D. (2008). Making Thinking Visible. Educational Leadership , 65 (5), 57-61.


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2 thoughts on “Making Thinking Visible

  1. It’s funny I was talking about the same thing in my blog. I really think it is important for teachers to have a culture of thinking. The Project Zero website is doing some cool stuff in that areas, look for a section called ROUNDS.


  2. I agree with you Eva in terms of cultural sensitivity. Teachers have to be sensitive and aware of the prevailing culture in the class so as not to intimidate or provoke students. Accepting and embracing different cultures is a challenge that teachers need to be aware of all the time to ensure effective learning and teaching.

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